All our turkeys, both white and bronze are genuine free range.

What’s the difference between our bronze and white free-range turkey?

Our classic, white-feathered free-range turkeys have become a household favourite for holiday dinners and Christmas get-togethers the country over. Whereas most standard white turkeys are typically barn reared, ours are genuine free range, brought up to ensure superior quality fresh meat. Our white-feathered turkey is succulent, tasty, and great for those who love healthy breast meat while its generous thighs and wings cater for those at the table who prefer darker meat.

The bronze turkey is more closely related to the wild turkey in both appearance and taste. As with our white feathered birds, we maintain variety by rearing several different breeds on the farm. Over the last few years, the popularity of the bronze breeds has risen dramatically, with many people enjoying their richer, gamier taste.

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