We deliver turkeys, geese, Christmas hampers and trimmings all across the UK to make sure you get your holiday meal ready in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. By pre-ordering your Thanksgiving and Christmas meats with us, you remove the rush and queues you normally experience when buying a poor-quality bird in your local supermarket. 

Free Range Bronze Turkeys

As with our white feathered birds, we maintain variety by rearing several different breeds on the farm. Over the last few years, the popularity of the bronze breeds has risen dramatically, with many people enjoying their richer, gamier taste.

Christmas Hampers

Our hampers contain a selection of high-quality meats that will make the perfect festive celebration! This includes pigs in blankets, sausages or sausage meat, bacon, and much more to help make your Christmas special. As well as locally produced mince pies, Christmas pudding and delicious ham

Free Range White Turkeys

Our classic, white-feathered free-range turkeys have become a household favourite for holiday and Christmas dinners. Our white-feathered turkey is succulent, tasty, and great for those who love healthy breast meat while its generous thighs and wings cater for those at the table who prefer darker meat.

Free Range Goose

Just like our Turkeys, our geese are reared to full maturity, with access to grassy meadow and a large pond. They are fed a natural cereal, based diet.

Christmas Trimmings

No Christmas dinner is complete without the trimmings! Make it the most special meal of the year with our additions below.

Beef Boxes

Lamb Boxes

Meat Selection Boxes