Cote de Boeuf


Cut from the Fore-Rib, our Cote de boeuf is French Trimmed, leaving the prime cut of a rib-eye combined with the added flavour you would expect from an on the bone cut.

If you want individual steaks, order multiples of the 1 bone cote de boeuf.

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Steak Cooking Temperature Guide

Make sure to probe the middle of the steak without breaking through to the cooking surface.

Blue   –   47°C – 50°C
Rare   –   50°C – 53°C
Medium Rare   –   55°C – 58°C
Medium   –   60°C – 63°C
Medium-Well   –   65°C – 68°C
Well Done   –   71°C+

Roasting Guide

Oven Temperature: Gas 4 – 5 /180°C

Rare – 20 mins per 450g + 20 mins (Internal Temp ~ 60°C)

Medium – 25 mins per 450g + 25 mins (Internal Temp ~ 70°C)

Well done – 30 mins per 450g + 30 mins (Internal Temp ~ 80°C)


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