It’s inevitable that when you have a roast turkey at Christmas you’re going to need some turkey leftover recipes. Every family has their classics, turkey leftover curry being rather popular, but there are some more modern, interesting and delicious turkey leftover recipes about. It’s also quite fun to create your own turkey leftover recipes, you just have to think creatively!

The first thing you should do once your turkey is cold is pick all the remaining meat from the bones and pile all the bones into a big pot. Cover with water and simmer, scooping off the grey scum which forms as you go. After about an hour add herbs, onion, root vegetables – whatever you have hanging around – and keep it simmering for another hour before straining, cooling and freezing in 500ml portions. The stock is great to use in turkey leftover recipes, or to add flavour to soups and stews in place of chicken or vegetable stock.

Split the meat into portions, wrap in foil and seal in a freezer bag for use in turkey leftover recipes later on. Whenever you need some meat for turkey leftover recipes simply defrost, chop the meat and add it in.

  • Turkey can replace chicken in most recipes and tastes great in sandwiches. If you’re a big fan of curried turkey leftover recipes consider making some Coronation Turkey – mix the meat with mayonnaise, curry paste and chopped apricots for an instant sandwich filling or side salad.
  • Pies always make for fantastic turkey leftover recipes. Simply mix your meat and some cooked vegetables with a white sauce in a pie dish, cover with puff pastry and bake.
  • One of the easiest turkey leftover recipes is fajitas. Fry the turkey in a little oil with some sliced onion, paprika, chilli, salt and pepper then wrap in a soft tortilla with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

There really is no limit when you’re creating turkey leftover recipes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new combinations of flavours. Turkey can dry out easily so adding a sauce is a really good idea. When you choose to buy a free-range turkey you’ll be getting a lot of natural game flavour in your meat, so try out some simple turkey leftover recipes which really let that show. Finally, don’t panic if your turkey leftover recipes end in disaster – there’s always next year!

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