Brisket in Guinness Marinade


Brisket is the go-to cut for a slow roast and packs lots of flavour – The flat cut has a layer of fat on one side and is perfect for BBQs and smokers

Approx. 1.2kg lump of brisket in a delicious Guinness marinade


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Our free range, grass fed beef is hand selected by John, directly from local farms and prepared in house, by our experienced team of butchers.

Roasting Guide

Oven Temperature: Gas 4 – 5 /180°C

  • Rare – 20 mins per 450g + 20 mins (Internal Temp ~ 60°C)
  • Medium – 25 mins per 450g + 25 mins (Internal Temp ~ 70°C)
  • Well done – 30 mins per 450g + 30 mins (Internal Temp ~ 80°C)


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